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To supply the elevator & escalator world with industry-leading parts, service and speed.

Who we are

Elevator & Escalator break and downtime is one of the worst nightmares of any building owner. Not only are they costly to fix, but they also pose life-threatening risks to people who use them. RelyElevator gives you access to a global supply of elevator & escalator parts at your fingertips, ensuring that building owners across the world can avoid unnecessary downtime.

RelyElevator factory

Company Overview

Elevator & Escalator break and downtime can cost building owners millions in lost revenue. We supply the world with new, reconditioned, and obsolete elevator parts & escalator parts.

  • Factory with more than 2000+ lift parts categories
  • Global network of partner suppliers
  • Customers in 103 different countries
  • 4.7* rating  from over 3,600 reviews

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Service Exchange

Service exchange is an economically and environmentally friendly route to replacing your broken elevator part or escalator part with a fully functional one. It allows you to dispose of your old unit by exchanging it for a working part.

  • Quality and performance meet the same standards as new parts
  • Reduces customer downtime
  • Full one-year warranty on all EXCHANGE parts
  • Potential discount on your replacement part

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relyelevator factory

Obsolete parts

Broken, obsolete, parts can cause a landslide of problems for your elevators & escalators. When downtime is upon you, don’t panic. Obsolete components don’t have to be difficult to source.

  • Many cost-saving benefits
  • Thousands of parts in stock
  • Meets modern regulatory requirements
  • Full one-year, warranty on all OBSOLETE parts

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Our process

With RelyElevator, the buying process is simple. We supply the world with elevator parts & escalator parts and make sure you are always in contact with a native-speaking sales executive, who makes everything run as seamlessly as possible.

  • Excellent customer service
  • As early as 3-days delivery
  • Dedicated multi-lingual support team
  • No rush fees, handling fees, or hidden charges

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